When does the netball season start?

The season runs from September through to Easter.

Where can I find out the latest news within the club?
When are trials?

Trials are generally held towards the end of every season to sort the teams for the following season.

Where are matches held and when?

Matches are played on Saturday morning’s at Beaulieu Park school, CM1 6DT. Matches start at 9am and the last match is finished by 1pm. Fixtures are prepared in the summer and communicated via your coaches in late August.

How do I find out about matches?

Your team coach communicates all the fixtures in August. Any queries please contact your club coach.

What kit do I need?

Every girl playing in matches for the club needs a club dress. These are made to order by Samurai. Please contact our kit manager Samantha Christie for details of the next order date. All other items are optional. View our order form and size guide.

How do I order a club hoodie?

Please order directly with Jageto embroidery, you can find more info on our club hoodies here. View our size guide. Club dress order form

Can I play with my ears pierced?

No, England Netball forbid any players to train or compete with earrings – not even if they are taped.

When's the best time to get my ears pierced?

Immediately after the last training session of the summer, leaving enough time for them to heal before the season starts again in September.

What trainers are suitable?

We recommend a specific netball trainer such as ASICS as netball trainers are designed to support the foot during the high impact of netball activity. Trainers should be checked regularly for grip. It’s likely that you may get through 2 pairs of trainers per season. No fashion trainers are allowed and no velcro fastenings. You can find Asics Netburner trainers here.

What should I bring to training?

A waterproof coat, warm clothing and a drink.

What do I wear for matches in winter?

Plain black baselayers should be worn under the club dress. Personalised baselayers can be purchased here but these are not compulsory and plain black will suffice.

Do you charge subs?

No – our yearly fees include all subs with the exception of rallies.

How do I make a payment for fees?

Sort Code: 30-91-85
Account No: 01949626
Brookshaw Stuart Junior Netball Club

How do I get nominated for the England Netball Pathway?

Your club coach will select the players when prompted by the league.

I'm interested in coaching. How do I do this?

Contact Vanessa Rooke in the first instance, email. She will find opportunities within the club to build up skills. Coaching courses can be accessed here.

I'm interested in umpiring. How do I do this?

We always welcome new umpires. Contact Trina Ayre in the first instance, . She will find opportunities within the club to build up skills. Umpiring courses can be accessed here.

How do I access the league tables and match results?

You can view both the league tables and match results here.